Dr. Carson Liu

Dr. Carson Liu is a general surgeon and weight-loss specialist in Southern California. He works with his patients on long-term weight-management plans that include diet, exercise, weight-loss medications and surgery.

Dr. Liu says that for many patients, diet and exercise alone are not enough to reach their weight-loss goal and for some of his patients with obesity, exercise can be difficult to initiate.

“I use prescription medications that are FDA-approved for short- and long-term use, including Lomaira”, says Dr. Liu. “I prescribe Lomaira because patients can take a dose before lunch and dinner, which has helped patients who have breakthrough hunger in the afternoon and evenings. For my post-surgery patients who reach a plateau or experience weight regain, I prescribe Lomaira before a meal when they feel they may be slipping.”

Dr. Liu says that drug cost is a huge factor for his patients. “I like Lomaira mainly because it's [the] lowest drug cost of all my appetite suppressants that I offer. We offer about four FDA-approved drugs and a lot of people love the drugs, but some of them are so expensive they can't afford it,” states Dr. Liu.

Dr. Liu includes maintenance and preventative care as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. “I feel that Lomaira is an important instrument in my toolbox”, says Dr. Liu. “I look forward to having people come in and whether I give them an endoscopic balloon or a surgical procedure, I love the fact that I have Lomaira as a back-up plan or in conjunction to achieve the weight loss and to keep the weight loss going. I like Lomaira mainly because of the cost and the fact that there’s minimal side effects, and mainly because it works.”

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