USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion programs

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Center for Nutrition and Policy and Promotion (CNPP) works to improve the health of Americans by developing and promoting dietary guidance that links scientific research to the nutrition needs of consumers. The CNPP has developed interactive tools to help Americans make changes in their daily food choices to reduce their risk of chronic disease and reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Click on any of the programs below and choose among the many features that support nutrition and physical activity goals and track your progress. Work with your healthcare professional to personalize a comprehensive treatment plan that works for you. Encourage family and friends to join your effort and support your goal of a healthy lifestyle.


MyPlate shows the five food groups and is designed to remind Americans to eat in a healthy manner.


SuperTracker provides the opportunity to get a personalized nutrition and physical activity plan, track your food choices and physical activities, and offers tips and support in an effort to help you make healthy choices.

Dietary Guidelines

The Dietary Guidelines provide advice for making food choices that promote health and reduce disease risk for some Americans.